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Where it all began..

A long time ago, four little girls were spending their last day of holiday on the beach in Bexhill-on-sea. Shortly after lunch, Daddy announced they were off to dig for treasure. Grabbing buckets and spades they headed to a sheltered part of the beach. After digging and digging and digging, Daddy suggested they move to a new spot to continue the search.

Low and behold, the girls hit the sound of metal shortly after starting to dig at the new spot. With careful instructions from Daddy, the girls uncovered a beautiful old black and gold box, a true treasure trove! Minutes later...disaster...the box was locked. Daddy suggested the girls dig a little more to see if they could find the key. Well, you would never have guessed, there they found a small gold key. It couldn't possibly be the right key could it? To the girls delight the key fitted perfectly into the lock and opened the box to reveal the treasure.

With four little girls hanging on Daddy's every word, he said it must have been from an ancient shipwreck from around the 16th century and the treasures inside would have belonged to rich shipping merchant who was probably shipping beautiful silks and tea around the world.....

And so a treasure hunt that captured the imagination of four little girls started the love affair with all things old and beautiful. A love that has never dulled.

(To this day Daddy has still never admitted to being involved in 'hiding' the treasure for four little girls to find!)

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