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A Touch of Pink...

Things have been a tad quiet on the blog front for the past few months due to the little lady not agreeing with the concept of napping or sleep in general really! But I am pleased to report she appears to be down at the more reasonable time of 8.47pm! Unless I fall asleep on the key pad, this given me at least an hour of 'me' time....

She turns 6 months next week. I can't believe how time has flown. Its about time we began thinking about a christening party for her. When someone says 'party' my thoughts inevitably turn to a vintage inspired christening party and all the beautiful vintage touches that could be added, all in the unifing colour scheme of pink of course...

Here are a few images sourced from the Touch of Vintage Pinterest boards (plus a few of our own photos) to help me picture the perfect vintage themed christening party for the little lady.

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