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The inspiration behind the 'Vintage Teacup' package

Have you read the book 'The Vintage Teacup Club' by Vanessa Greene. It's what inspired our 'Vintage Teacup' package. Its a story of a wonderful friendship that starts at a car boot sale (one of our favorite places to be) in Sussex. One woman happens upon precisely the items she has been searching for, a vintage teaset. Just at that moment, two other women swoop in who are equally as interested in the very same items. The three women decide to share the teaset, each making use of it in turn for their own special purposes, and from this unique beginning, their stories unfold.

The notion of having a cup of tea is all about friendship and bringing friends from all walks of life together. Special events such as mile stone birthdays also bring friends back together, sometimes friends who haven't seen each other in years. We recently provided our vintage china for a 70th birthday party. Friends of the host came from school, University, work and retirement. Friends from all different stages of life brought back together to celebrate over a cup of tea.

Here are a few images sources from our Pinterest boards that helped us picture our perfect medium size vintage themed special event.

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