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A outdoor celebration with a vintage picnic.....

It’s been just the little lady and I today as we packed the boys off for a day at the motor racing first thing this morning. So to celebrate (or commiserate) the start of weaning the little lady, we have spent the afternoon enjoying a picnic in the garden.

As our lazy afternoon drifted on it got me thinking about how wonderful it would be to celebrate a special occasion outdoors with a vintage style picnic. Imagine all your guests seated outside on blankets or cushions sharing a delicious afternoon tea picnic from a vintage picnic hamper….or how about opening up the sides of a marquee or tipi and providing each table of guests with a vintage picnic hamper brimming with delicious foods to share amongst themselves. What a lovely way to get to know your fellow guests.

A vintage picnic celebration would be such a different and fun way to celebrate a special occasion. It could take so many different forms from a formal champagne and ‘blanket’ service affair to a causal sandwich and beer spread. You could set it at different times of the day too. It could be an afternoon gathering to enjoy the sunshine (hopefully) or an early evening do all set under twinkling lights through the trees. I suppose the only big consideration for a vintage picnic celebration is the good old British weather. It’s August and it’s pouring down outside my window! As perfect picnic weather is definitely not guaranteed a wet weather back up plan might be needed….just in case….!

Here are a few images sourced from the Touch of Vintage Pinterest boards to inspire an outdoor vintage picnic special occasion.

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